Pomade Guide - Help and How to

Buying hair styling products can be tricky, especially if you're not familiar with the different types that are out there. There are also various factors to consider such as your hair type, what hairstyle you want to achieve, what hold you want etc. A lot of the time it's all just about trial and error! But don’t worry, &One Pomade is here to help you! Our product guide aims to give you a better understanding of the different types of products so you can decide which are best for your hair and desired look. But the help doesn't just stop with our guide! If you have any questions or want advice about which product to buy, please don't hesitate to contact us.



This is the original pomade and is used to achieve old school hairstyles. It tends to have more shine and it doesn't harden your hair so it leaves your hair soft so you can restyle it all day. Oil-based pomade is usually harder to wash out so it is better for people that like to build up products. Style your hair with a fine tooth comb will look the best. 

Shine: Natural to High

Hold: Medium to Heavy

Best for: Old school hairstyles such as pompadour, side part and slick back 



This is usually called Water-Based Pomade or Gel Pomade. Water-Based Pomade tends to harden your hair so it provides good hold. It is common for water-based pomades to harden your hair so it is recommended that you use a wet comb if you want to restyle it. However, there are a few water-based pomades out there now that don't harden your hair as much so you can restyle it with just a dry comb. It is also easy to wash out. Using a fine tooth comb to style your hair can get the best result.

Shine: Low to High

Hold: Medium to Firm

Best for: Any wet look such as slick back 



Usually known in its short term form, UWB pomade, it is a hybrid between Oil-Based Pomade and Water-Based Pomade. This means it has the beauty of both so you can restyle it all day and is easy to wash out. It's like a modern version of an old school pomade. You can achieve an old-school hairstyle without greasing your hair so you can carry a more casual yet formal hairstyle. You can style your hair with a fine or a width tooth comb.

Shine: Natural to High

Hold: Light to Heavy

Best for: Classic, neat hairstyles with a non-greasy finish such as side part, comb over and pompadour



Wax can be a very versatile product as it can achieve a result similar to pomade but more casual. This is because it usually has less shine and can provide a good amount of control to your hair. 

Shine: Natural to Low

Hold: Medium to Firm

Best for: Pretty much any modern styles 



Clay products are easy to define as they contain clay in their ingredients. Clay can add body and thickness to hair so it is great for someone who wants lots of volume and a fuller look. It also can also give you a lot of texture but you only need a small amount as too much can weigh down your hair. You can style your hair with just your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Shine: Matte to natural

Hold: Medium to Firm

Best for: Short choppy hairstyle and any matte hairstyles that want lots of texture such as quiff, fringe and french crop



Paste is really good for beginners if you're not sure what product you should try. It is usually lightweight, can create tons of volume and texture and is easy to restyle throughout the day. It's also easy to wash out as most of them are water-based. You can your fingers or a wide tooth comb to achieve your desired look. 

Shine: Matte to Natural 

Hold: Medium to Firm

Best for: Causal / looser/ airy/ messy hairstyles that require texture and tons of volume



Cream is a versatile product that gives moisture and texture to your hair so it becomes more manageable. Creams usually have a very creamy, lotion-type breakdown which also makes it a really good pre-styler. You can use your fingers or a comb to style you hair as you wish. 

Shine: Matte to Low

Hold: Light to Pliable Firm

Best for: Casual, lazy and natural look that require some texture


Once you have got the best product for your hair type and desired look, it’s worth the effort to understand a bit more about how to apply the product. Below are some tips to help you achieve a great look! But remember, it takes practice and trial and error so don’t worry if you can’t achieve the look straight away!

  • Use a pre-styler before if you want volume (this is very important)
  • Invest in a good and strong hair dryer as this will help achieve more volume and a better shape to your hair
  • Make sure you’ve got the right good combs and brushes for your desired look. For example, if you want a very neat look, use a fine comb
  • If you’ve got the time, it’s definitely worth doing some research or talking to your barber about different techniques to style your hair. These could include how to use your product or the best way to use a hairdryer to style your hair. 
  • Make sure you know how much to use the product. For example, if you’re using clay, you only need to use a small amount as it could weigh your hair down.
  • Make sure to read each product's descriptions as products vary between brands. For example, one brand's paste could have a matte finish while another brand could have a more natural shine. 
  • And remember, a products effectiveness can vary depending on a few factors:
    • Your type of hair (straight, curly, thick, thin, dry)
    • Your hair length
    • The hairstyle you’re wanting to achieve
    • The actual product you’re using 
    • The technique you used