Pomade Help Guide - What is it?


Not sure what hair styling product is best for your hair? Not sure where to begin? Don't worry, &One Pomade is here to help you! Our product guide aims to answer all your questions about the different types of pomades available so you can find the best one for you! 

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Pomade used to refer to a specific hair product, which is typically a gel-like or waxy hair product that provides great hold and shine. Nowadays, 'pomade' is used to describe the great range of hair products. So hair pomade are products that can give you a range of hairstyles from classic to modern or casual looks and can be used for any hair type or length. 



There are many types of pomades available, check them out below for a brief description and what their typical shine, hold and best for styles are.  

This is also known as the original pomade used to achieve old school hairstyles. Because it is usually made with wax or petroleum, it can be harder to wash out. 

Shine: Natural to High

Hold: Medium to Heavy

Style: Old school hairstyles such as pompadour, side part and slick back.

Tips: Best styled with a fine tooth comb

Or also known as Water-Based Pomade or Gel Pomade provide hydration and nourishment to their hair and wash out easily. 

Shine: Low to High

Hold: Medium to Firm

Style: Any wet look such as slick back. 

TipsBest used with fine tooth comb. If its more traditional (hardens the hair), use a wet comb. 


Also known as UWB pomade, it is a hybrid between Oil-Based Pomade and Water-Based Pomade. This means you can restyle it all day but is easy to wash out. 

Shine: Natural to High

Hold: Light to Heavy

Style: Classic, neat hairstyles with a non-greasy finish such as side part, comb over and pompadour. Because it doesn't grease your hair, can also be used for a casual yet formal style. 

Tips: Use a fine or wide tooth comb


This can be a very versatile product as it can achieve a result similar to pomade but more casual. This is because it usually has less shine and can provide a good amount of control to your hair. 

Shine: Natural to Low

Hold: Medium to Firm

Style: Pretty much any modern styles 


These are products that actually contain clay and can have a thick or creamy consistency. Clay products can add body and thickness to the hair so its great for someone who wants lots of volume, texture and a fuller look. I

Shine: Matte to natural

Hold: Medium to Firm

Style: Short choppy hairstyle and any matte hairstyles that want lots of texture such as quiff, fringe and french crop

Tips: Only need a small amount as too much can weigh down the hair. You can style it with just your fingers or a wide tooth comb.


Paste is great for beginners especially if you're not sure where to start. It is usually lightweight, creates tons of volume and texture and is easy to restyle throughout the day. It's also easy to wash out as most of them are water-based.

Shine: Matte to Natural 

Hold: Medium to Firm

Style: Causal / looser/ airy/ messy hairstyles that require texture and tons of volume

Tips: Use fingers or wide tooth comb


These are a versatile product that gives moisture and texture to your hair so it becomes more manageable. Creams usually have a very creamy, lotion-type breakdown which also makes it a really good pre-styler. 

Shine: Matte to Low

Hold: Light to Pliable Firm

Style: Casual, lazy and natural look that require some texture

Tips: Use fingers or a comb



Below are some tips to make sure you get the best out of your product so you can achieve a great hairstyle! But remember, it takes practice and trial and error so don’t worry if you can’t achieve the look straight away!

  • Use a pre-styler before if you want volume 
  • Invest in a good and strong hair dryer as this will help achieve more volume and a better shape to your hair
  • Make sure you’ve got the right good combs and brushes for your desired look. 
  • If you’ve got the time, it’s definitely worth doing some research or talking to your barber about different techniques to style your hair.
  • Make sure you know how much to use the your pomade
  • Make sure to read the description of the pomade as this can vary between brands.



There are a number of factors that can impact the effectiveness of a pomade so this is good to know incase you can't achieve the look you're after.

    • Your type of hair (straight, curly, thick, thin, dry)
    • Your hair length
    • The hairstyle you’re wanting to achieve
    • The technique you used
    • The weather (don't leave your product in direct sunlight)