Templeton Tonics Black Kraken Clay Review

Templeton Tonics Black Kraken Clay Review

The kraken scent is a dark, fresh scent. I can smell it in my hair for 3-4hrs.

It has a thickish scoop yet scooping it out is easy.

I can emulsify the clay easily and it dries out quickly.

Due to the length of my hair, application is hard on dried hair. I tried a couple of different ways to apply it and my favourite one was to apply a few drops of grooming oil and 2 dime sized scoops of kraken on towel dried hair and blow dry it in.

I can get a dry firm hold with lots of volume on dried hair application method or a flexible firm hold on towel dried hair application.

It has a true matte finish applied on dried hair.

It’s coarse. It’s perfect for short, textured, messy and voluminous hairstyles. I get quite a lot of flyaways applying it on dried hair. But applying on towel tried hair I don’t really get any because it’s less dry.

It lasts the whole day applied on towel dried hair and I can restyle it a bit when I need to.

Wash Out:
Most of the product comes off with just warm water. One shampoo will take care of the rest.

Final Thoughts:
Black Kraken is a dry, firm clay which is perfect for shorter hairstyles. It provides lots of texture and volume. It’s a winner if you are looking for a resilient matte clay that’s not waxy and doesn’t feel greasy for your hair. If you have longer hair like me, I suggest to apply on towel dried hair.

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