Stickmore Styling Cream Review

Stickmore Styling Cream Review

A pleasant, light cologne scent that is just strong enough to mask the ingredients. I can’t really notice it after I style my hair.

It’s a dense, thicker scoop yet it’s still smooth to scoop out.

I can spread out the product easily but at the same time I can feel that it dries out quickly on my palm. So keep in mind to not over-emulsify it. All I need to do is to just gently spread it out on my fingers and apply.

It is easy to apply. I can feel the grittiness of the clays but it doesn’t pull my hair in any sense. Apply dime sized scoop each time is the way to go.

It feels lightweight in the hair but has a firm hold. The hold I get is not waxy but more on the dry pastey side.

It has a matte finish which doesn’t take any shine from my hair. I pretty much can’t tell I have product on to the extent that I don’t get flyaways.

It gives my hair a really nice, coarse texture and reacts really well no matter If I finger comb it to style my hair or use a wide tooth comb.

The overall shape of my hairstyle holds throughout the day. Every now and then the side or the top of my hair may fall out a little but I can finger comb it back with ease.

Wash Out:
Most of the product can be rinsed off with water and 1 shampoo which will wash it all out.

Final Thoughts:
Stickmore styling cream is a strong hold, lightweight texture cream that can last a whole day and is not greasy at all. It can give a dry, natural look that seems like you don’t use any product.

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