Stickmore Carbon Fiber Review

Stickmore Carbon Fiber Review

The Stickmore Original scent is a fresh, light cologne scent that is lasted for about an hour. It’s perfect for people who use cologne or don’t like strong scent.

It’s an easy scoop. I’m surprised by how creamy it is knowing that this is a strong hold product.

The breakdown is effortless. There isn’t any tackiness feeling to my palms until I fully emulsify the fiber. When it has fully broken down, I can feel some stickiness and grip to it.

I applied a pea sized scoops on my dried hair and I can feel a little bit of resistance going on but it’s nothing serious. I can still gently finger comb my hair while applying the product.

It’s a lightweight high hold product. It doesn’t need to use a lot and it will deliver the hold.

It has a satin finish which is slightly less shiny than a natural shine.

It has just the right amount of activated charcoal to get that medium texture which means I can style it with a wide or fine tooth comb.

It lasted in my hair from dusk till dawn. It’s resilient and strong without feeling heavy on my hair. It basically doesn’t need to be restyled the whole day but it can be restyled for a bit of a looser look.

Wash Out:
Most of the product can be washed off with warm water and 1 shampoo which will wash it all out.

Final Thoughts:
Stickmore Carbon Fiber is a versatile pomade that can be used for both textured or slick hairstyles. Thanks to the satin finish, it can get rid of most of my flyaways. This product is perfect for any hair length and any hairstyles in my opinions.

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