Samson’s Haircare The Bench-Leg Clay Review

Samson’s Haircare The Bench-Leg Clay Review

The bench leg scent smells mild which is not overwhelming, with notes of bourbon, sandalwood and amber. I can smell this for around 3hrs.

It’s easy to scoop out the clay without putting much force on my finger.

I can breakdown the clay easily in my palm with just a tad of dryness once it’s fully emulsified.

It’s easy to distribute the product evenly on my hair without much discomfort when I use small scoops.

It’s a lightweight medium hold clay. If I use 3 small scoops I can get to nearly a firm hold in my opinion.

It has a matte finish without looking too dry.

It has a medium texture which I can use a fine or wide tooth comb to style my hair or even just use finger comb depending on what style I want to achieve on that day.

It can last for around 8 hours. My hair starts to loosen up a little after around 6 hours but restyling is possible for this clay so it will make it last a little longer.

Wash Out:
Water can wash off some of the product and 1 shampoo will wash it all out.

Final Thoughts:
The bench leg clay is a very user friendly clay pomade that is for all hair lengths. It doesn’t feel overly dry while giving my hair enough hold without weighing my hair down. It’s an all rounded, well balanced clay pomade.

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