Samson’s Haircare Dead Sea Clay Review

Samson’s Haircare Dead Sea Clay Review

It’s an earthy scent with oakmoss, cactus flower, bergamot and frankincense notes that smells pleasant and not overpowering. It will fade away after 1-2 hours.

It’s like scooping out face cream! As soon as I touch the product, it will be scooped out.

It has a lotion consistency. I can spread it out with ease.

I recommend to apply it once it’s spread. It’s easy to apply and the clay can be applied evenly because it’s still wet and watery on my hands. It’s easy to apply unless I use 3 scoops then I can start feeling some resistance.

This is not a sticky, gritty clay, It’s a high water content clay that settles in your hair to create hold. It can give me medium hold if I use 2 small scoops or firm hold if I use 3 scoops. When I use 3 scoops like the photos above, I can get some insane volume!

I get a natural shine to begin with when the product hasn’t settled and once it’s settled it’ll give me a matte shine.

It’s gives a medium coarse texture to my hair that’s not too dry.

It will deflate after 3-4 hours if I use 2 small scoops and it will slowly deflate after 6-8 hours if I use 3 scoops. Restyling is possible but not recommend on this one. Because I feel like it will kind of break up the hair that is settled if I restyle it.

Wash Out:
I can rinse out everything with just warm water. It makes my hair feel soft and healthy.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a very user-friendly and a set and forget it clay. I can see myself using it a lot when I’m in a rush or when I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing my hair. The wash out is a surprise for me because most clays leave the hair gritty. But this one makes my hair feels good and nourished.

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