Lodestar Grooming Terror Cat Styling Cream Review

Lodestar Grooming Terror Cat Styling Cream Review

The scent is inspired by “By The Fireplace” which has hints of spice and wood and a smoky sweetness. I can smell it for around 2hr.

It’s a dense smooth scoop but it depends on how you scoop it. It’s easier to scoop it when I put my finger in for just the top layer and spin the jar with my other hand. If I scoop it how I normally do, I need to put some pressure to it.

The easiest way is to breakdown the product is with one finger. This way I can feel the creaminess of it to start with and then I can feel the dryness and grittiness of the clays in it later. If I break it down with both palms, the dryness will hit me sooner.

I can definitely feel some grip from Terror Cat but it’s still easy to work with and I can even finger comb my hair. I can apply the cream on my hair throughly before I add too many scoops and it won’t end up too heavy for my hair like some clays do.

It’s a solid firm hold when I use 6 dime size scoops and a medium firm hold with a softer feeling to my hair when I use 3 dime size scoops. It feels lightweight but secures in my hair without feeling waxy or hardening.

I get more of a natural shine to start with then it slowly turns into a healthy matte finish throughout the day.

The texture of Terror Cat is on the coarser side without being too dry thanks to the natural oils in it. It’s great for doing high textured styles.

It lasted me a whole day working. My hair didn’t move at all and the volume stayed high. I only got to restyle my hair after I got changed at home and messed up my hair a little. Surprisingly, it still has lots of power left and I can get all the volume back.

Wash Out:
Most of the product comes off with just warm water. One shampoo and conditioner will get rid of the clays in my hair.

Final Thoughts:
Terror Cat is a really well made styling cream. It can provide hold and texture like a clay but it’s more lightweight because it’s a cream. I can get decent volume and high texture from it that last me a whole day.

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