Grim Grease Mictlantecuhtli Dark Cream Review

Grim Grease Mictlantecuhtli Dark Cream Review

I can smell it easily but it doesn’t smell overly strong and it will go away from the hair after 1-2hr.

It needs some pressure to be scooped out because of the high content of wax. But it’s not hard to scoop still.

Same as scooping out, because it’s a heavy hold product, I need to warm it up slightly in the palm to breakdown nicely.

It has some dryness during application because of the black Hawaiian salt and activated charcoal in it. Once I used an Afro pick and a wide tooth comb to detangle my hair, it was pretty easy to style it and didn’t feel as dry.

It’s definitely a heavy hold. I can feel some weight on my hair yet it doesn’t weigh my hair down straight away. I only need 2-3 small scoops each time.

It’s between matte to natural shine, somewhere in the middle.

It has a medium coarse texture which is perfect to create some separation from the comb line.

This stuff lasts forever. My hair hardly moved the whole day. When I got changed at the end of the day, I could restyle my hair back to the same with a wide tooth comb still.

Wash Out:
One shampoo and conditioner. Most of my product was washed with warm water despite how strong the hold is.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a really balanced heavy hold pomade that can provide some texture. It doesn’t have any clay in it but black Hawaiian salt and activated charcoal in the formula. It doesn’t give me insane volume but it is still enough for me and it stays the same height the whole day.

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