Grim Grease Matte Blend Review

Grim Grease Matte Blend Review

It is a fresh, masculine cologne scent that has citrus notes, leather notes and some smoke and wood notes. It only lasts in my hair for an hour.

The consistency is so creamy and easy to scoop out.

Breaking the product down is effortless. It doesn’t dry out quickly like some clays do.

Because it doesn’t dry out quickly, I can apply the product with ease. I can only experience minor resistance while I’m styling it.

I use 3 scoops and it doesn’t feel heavy on my hair so I don’t think it has a heavy hold but I get definitely get a firm hold.

It’s a matte finish without looking dry or getting flyaways.

Matte blend gives my hair a medium coarse texture which I find is really good at creating separation of my hair.

It can last for a whole day. My hair does move slightly after 4-6 hours but I can put it back in place by just finger combing it. I can feel the power of the clay is still there so I can definitely restyle it when I need and it will turn into a more natural, causal look.

Wash Out:
Water will wash out most of it and 1 shampoo will take care of the rest.

Final Thoughts:
Matte blend is a really user friendly clay that is so easy to use and style. It’s not dry at all and can still deliver decent amount of texture and hold. The power of restyling is also one of the best aspects of the product.

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