Grim Grease Matt Cream

Grim Grease Matt Cream

It’s a fresh, sweet, natural scent with notes of bergamot, ginger, mint, apple, musk, pineapple, vanilla, musk, cedar and fir. The scent will disappear pretty much once the product is in the hair.

It’s a soft, fluffy, smooth and creamy scoop.

It’s easy to breakdown and you can feel just a tad bit of grip once it’s broken down.

It is easy to apply. I can feel the grittiness of the clay but it doesn’t pull my hair in any sense.

It provides a firm hold and it will settle in the hair a little bit.

It’s a healthy matte finish.

It reacts really well with a wide tooth comb and it’s really great to create some wide comb lines.

It deflates to a realistic height after a couple hours then stays like this the whole day. It can be restyled but not it’s recommended as it will break down the settled hair and may weaken the hold.

Wash Out:
Most of the product can be rinsed off with water and 1 shampoo which will wash it all out.

Final Thoughts:
Grim Grease matte cream is like a set and forget matte product. It’s not too dry and has enough grip and stickiness to hold the shape of the hair. It’s a reliable daily driver if you are looking for a product that can give you a clean look with defined comb lines yet has a matte finish.

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