Faith & Integrity Hunter's Moon Texture Cream Review

Faith & Integrity Hunter's Moon Texture Cream Review

It has notes of hickory, suede, rum, woods and bourbon which will last for around 2 hours in the hair.

It is runny but still in a form that it won’t shift like water. This one can’t really be scooped. Instead, I dip into it like a ‘sauce’. It has a few lumps in there but I have no trouble to break them down.

It spreads on my palm straight away and feels smooth and slick.

I can start feeling some resistance when I apply my second scoop. It’s easier to apply it when the product is still a bit wet on the hand. I suggest to not apply a big scoop each time but go for a small scoop to avoid getting too much tug and pull and overuse it.

It has a lightweight flexible firm hold.

It has a true matte finish.

It provides a dry, coarse texture which is perfect for a messy, beachy look.

It deflates to a realistic height after a couple of hours then stays like this the whole day. It can be restyled but don’t I recommend this unless it’s necessary as it may weaken the hold.

Wash Out:
Most of the product can be rinsed off with water and 1 shampoo will wash it all out.

Final Thoughts:
This can be a great lightweight texture product for those who have fine hair. It’s also great for people with short to medium hair who are looking for lots of texture. For long hair folks, I reckon it will look good to just add little bit to get that flowy, messy, texture look.

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