Why are natural hair products more beneficial for you?

Why are natural hair products more beneficial for you?

What is Natural Hair Product?

Natural hair products use natural ingredients which are healthier for your hair and scalp. This means they do no use harsh chemicals that could actually damage your hair, like a lot of non-natural hair products use.

Why are they the better choice? 

Non-natural hair products can be filled with chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oil. This means they can leave your hair lifeless and dry which can be especially bad for people with dry and/or sensitive skin.

Natural hair products however, are filled with healthy and natural ingredients that benefit your hair and scalp. Instead of drying out your hair, some natural ingredients can actually moisturise and nourish your hair and scalp. Some ingredients can even make your hair feel thicker and give better stability throughout the day. This means they won’t cause damage to your hair that non-natural products can.  

This is why it is important to think twice about what you’re putting on your hair!

So why should you shop with &One Pomade?

I love being able to create an amazing hairstyle but not at the cost of my health! The main reason I started &One Pomade was to be able to bring healthy and natural grooming products to the Australian market. I have found some amazing brands over my hair journey and now I am excited to be able to bring these to Australia. Bringing Australians natural hair products is my main priority so this is why I am devoted to home brewers and brands that share the same goal!

&One Pomade is a shop you can trust to bring you the best brands with the best quality natural products!

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