How to pick a right pomade?

How to pick a right pomade?


Now that you’ve found a good barber and got a fresh new cut, the next step is to make sure you look dapper every day! This means finding the pomades that work well with your hair and hairstyle.

Tip 1: Understand your hair and your hairstyle

Everyone’s hair is different and everyone will want different hairstyles so it’s important to be clear about these. Do you have dry hair, oily hair or a sensitive scalp? What look do you want to achieve? What is the hold and shine you are looking for? These are just some of the questions you have to ask yourself before finding a pomade that you will work.

Tip 2: Join the Pomade Everything and Everything Pomade group on Facebook

These groups were started by pomade enthusiasts so it’s a great place to share your thoughts and see others opinions on different brands and products. Some members or even myself, write pomade reviews so that others can use these as a reference before buying them. There are also some brewers/owners who use these groups to promote their new products.

Tip 3: Be patient and keep practising

Remember it’s okay if you don’t achieve the desired look straight away. It could be the pomade you chose isn’t the best for your hair/style or maybe you need to use a different technique. This is why it’s important to keep practicing and trying new pomades if the one you’re using doesn’t suit you. Trial and error is the best way to learn what products work best for you, and to know what skills and techniques are the best for the style you want. This is the journey that everyone has to go through but it is worth it, so don’t give up!
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