How to find a great barber?

How to find a great barber?


Have you found an amazing barber? Are you happy with your current barber? If not, we are going to share some tips to help you find a great barber so you can have a fresh cut for the year!

Tip 1: Do some research into barbers in your area

Start searching on Google for barbers in your area. Then start reading reviews to see which one you think you like the most.

Tip 2: Check out their social media

Social media is the best way to see the style that the barber cuts. Have a look at their photos and see if they are able to cut the look you’re after. It will also help you see the vibe of the barbershop to see if theirs is more of a retro or modern style.

Tip 3: See which one does the best style you’re after

Once you’ve had a look at a few barber’s social media, see which one can achieve the style you’re after. For example, some specialise in fading, or a classic cut, some like to do a hard part, some like to do a natural part and some are even good at doing hair tattoos. Once you’ve found the barber, book your appointment!

Tip 4: A good barber is one that will listen to what you want and has a conversation about this to ensure you're getting what you want

Just because a barber has shown they can cut the style you’re after on someone else, doesn’t always mean they’ll give you exactly what you’re after. A good barber will listen to what you’re after and ask questions or make suggestions so they can make sure they’re giving you what you want.

We hope this can help you find a great barber and let us know how you go!
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