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Templeton Tonics

Templeton Tonics Eventide Wax Cream - Barrister And Mann Collaboration 4OZ

Templeton Tonics Eventide Wax Cream - Barrister And Mann Collaboration 4OZ

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Eventide is an easy to use wax cream using the Odin Wax Cream formula that gives insane volume, separation, and a powerful, flexible hold with a healthy matte finish. Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil leave the hair feeling soft and nourished after each use. Silica and a blend of waxes give a firm hold that is lightweight and flexible in the hair. The most versatile product in the Templeton Tonics lineup, Eventide Wax Cream can be used in many different ways.

Hold: Flexible Firm

Finish: Healthy Matte

Scent: Eventide - Strong, ambery wood-tar notes of oud are softened by rose and raspberry, and a healthy twist of tangy lime to keep it fresh and bright. The overall scent is warm, inviting, fruity without being overly sweet and is great year round due to the masterful blending of light and dark notes.

Scent Notes: Raspberry, Lime, Rose, Oud

Size: 4oz  

Country of origin: USA

Vegan | Cruelty Free

What's in it

Water, Candelilla Wax, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Ceteareth-20, Grapeseed Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Silica, Polysorbate 20, Shea Butter, Essential/Fragrance Oils, VP-VA Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol.

How to use

Apply to slightly damp hair and blowdry to use as a prestyler that gives instant control while styling for lots of volume and texture.

Apply in small scoops to dry hair for an all-day, flexible hold with loads of lift and volume.

Due to the strength, work with small, fingernail sized scoops and apply in layers until desired style is achieved. Apply less for a free-flowing, finger-combed style. Apply more to lock your style in place for a reliable hold all day.

For external use only. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Barrister and Mann is an US famous wet shaving and fragrance brand that has inspired the founder of Templeton Tonics for many years with consistently incredible and unique fragrances and products.

Eventide is Templeton Tonics' one of the favourite Barrister and Mann's frangrance of all time and Odin Wax Cream is the all time favourite formula of Templeton Tonics. Hence, Eventide Wax Cream is borned.

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  • Shea Butter Glyceride

    Nourishes hair and scalp quickly without a greasy build up

  • Grapeseed Oil

    Seals in moisture and hydrates the hair without feeling greasy, lightweight, tames frizz and reduces dandruff

  • Silica

    Strengthens hair and prevents thinning

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